Meet Alex

Alex Iheanacho, is privileged to be a trusted authority in money and life strategies, a highly sought after Consultant and a bestselling Author who specializes in the business of training, writing and coaching.

He helps people to create personal and financial possibilities so that they can live a happy, wealthy and fulfild life.

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Alex Iheancho is skilled at analyzing financial figures with a view of recommending investment strategies He is proficient at helping start-ups to maximize limited resources and minimize business costs.

I strongly recommend his “savings challenge to all youths in Africa” Thanks for supporting the project enterprise hour.

Business Consultant (Aberdeen, Scotland)

Ade Orimoloye

Alex is very knowledgeable in the areas of business management and development. And I have been honored to learn some strategies from him.

Managing Partner, Danirab Surprises. (Print and IT solution company)

Daniel Irabor

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